Social insurance agreements are in place with some countries, including member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area. If you have a statutory health insurance in your home country, you can apply to have this insurance cover recognized by a statutory health insurance company in Germany. Students from EU states usually obtain an international insurance card in their home country (EHIC – European Health Insu¬rance Card). This is also recognized in Germany (visits at the doctor included). Please use this certification to register with a statutory health insurance company here in Germany. This company will then provide a confirmation for the enrolment at the university.

It might be the case that your insurance does not cover all the costs in Germany. Student from EUPlease make precise enquiries which benefits you are entitled to receive in Germany before entering the country. Health insurance policies with limited treatment expenses or duty to provide benefits are not recognized in Germany! If you do not have any insurance cover in your home country, you have to take out an insurance in Germany just like all the other students.
Private health insurance policies from other countries might be recognized in Germany under certain circumstances. You should clarify the details regarding this with your insurance company. If your private insurance policy is recognized, you will need for your enrolment a confirmation that you exempt yourself from the statutory health insurance company. This exemption you can get only at a public insurance company here in Germany. Please note, if you will exempt yourself from the public insurance company it is not possible to revoke it and you can´t be insured over them as long as you are a student!